BHM Annual Gala Awards Nominations are now open!!!

The Caribbean & African Health Network will be honouring individuals and organisations for their contributions to the health and wellbeing of the Black Caribbean and African Communities across the United Kingdom.  Nominations will be accepted for those who through personal or professional efforts have made a difference to Black Caribbean and African people.



  • Nominations open on Wednesday 9th August and close on 1st October 2023.

  • Each nominated individual or group must submit a 1-minute video about them or their group.

  • Each shortlisted individual or group will be presented with an award for their nominated category on the night of the GALA 28th October 2023.

  • There will be twelve categories and selection will be undertaken by an independent panel of judges using a set criterion.

  • Each nominated individual or group will receive two free tickets.

Award Categories

Nomination Categories

Public Sector - Voluntary Sector Collaboration

Private Sector - Voluntary Sector Collaboration

University - Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) partnerships

Anti-racist initiative

Health Equity campaign of the year

Volunteer of the Year

Student of the Year

Unsung Hero

Leadership & Empowerment

Young Person of the Year

Young People’s Organisation of the year

Inclusion and diversity team

Lifetime Achievement Award


1 Public Sector - Voluntary Sector Collaboration

This award recognises two or more organisations that have worked together in a way that has enabled the partners to deliver services more effectively to beneficiaries or reach new groups. This could be a collaboration or partnership between not-for-profit organisations (including faith establishments), charities and social enterprises working with any public sector body to improve health and wellbeing of underserved communities.


2 Private Sector - Voluntary Sector Collaboration

This award is open to private and voluntary sector organisations who can demonstrate excellence in multi-agency working, transcending traditional ways of working. This award should focus on joint activities between private sector agencies of any size where delivery through collaborative working has been adopted to meet the operational or skills needs of the health market that ultimately benefit underserved communities.


3 University - Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) partnerships

This award focuses on partnership agreement for engaging and embedding the voice from VCSE sector organisations in system and operational decision-making activities within universities. Some examples of working together could include involvement of underserved voices in the design of their curricula activities, arrangements for placement activities within the VCSE organisations or volunteering arrangements to support the work of the VCSE.


4 Anti-racist initiative

This award is given in recognition of the work undertaken to promote diversity and inclusion and become a truly anti-racist organisation. The award will be given to any public private sector organisation that has the best diversity and inclusion initiative on its action plan to combat racism within their workplace.


5 Health Equity campaign of the Year

This award winner will have demonstrated their commitment to health equity for underserved communities. The winner can be nominated from across sectors which include the public, private and voluntary sector organisations. The nomination can be a collaborated effort across organisations, a group within an organisation or it can be an individual project or initiative. The campaign should be complete at the time of the nomination.


6 Volunteer of the Year

This award recognises an individual volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution to an individual or an organisation. The person will have demonstrated exceptional commitment to an unpaid activity.


7 Student of the Year 

The Student of the Year category recognises outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate students who have demonstrated purposeful and equitable actions through their work in one or more of the following areas: 

-leadership – service provision - citizenship – academic studies - project work


8 Unsung Hero

The Unsung Hero award recognises those who have positively influenced an activity, programme or organisation from behind the scenes. The individual will have contributed with a positive attitude, a willingness to help in whatever capacity necessary, and with a commitment to excellence. This individual will have made significant impact but gone unrecognised for their contribution.


9 Leadership & Empowerment

This combined award is for that individual who seeks opportunities to empower and lead people in the community and/or within their organisation. It recognises an inspirational individual who drives positive change within a group (community, faith group or organisation) or within an individual sparking new opportunities, ideas and actions to elevate people to the next level.


10 Young Person of the Year

This award recognises the outstanding contribution of a young person to their local community. The young person receiving this award will be one that can demonstrate commitments and perseverance to make a difference to the lives of others.


11 Young People’s Organisation of the Year

This award will be presented a young persons’ organisation able to best demonstrate a shared vision and agreed goals to serve the needs of others. The organisation will have actively supported local communities and will have made a real difference to the development and enhancement of young people.


12 Inclusion and diversity team

The Equity, diversity and Inclusion award recognises an individual, team, group or network on ways in which they have initiated and led action(s) to remove barriers, improve the working experience and engagement levels of employees across protected characteristics.


13 Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognises an exceptional individual who has made decades of service and contribution to the community resulting in improved outcomes for individuals and communities. Nominees for this award will be exemplary individuals who have earned recognition from, and the respect of, their community.



Guidance Notes for completing your nomination

Choose your category

Please read through the descriptions of all the categories before deciding on your nominations.


You can nominate one individual or organisation from one of the twelve categories.


How to complete your nominations

When thinking about what to include in your nomination, ask yourself:

  • Why are you nominating them?
  • What have they done as an individual or organisation to be nominated for this award?
  • What stands out about them?

A minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 500 words per nomination. If you are providing a video, this should be no longer than 3 minutes in total.


What happens next?

For Nominees:

  • Nominations will open on Wednesday 9th August 2023 and close on Sunday 1st October 2023.
  • Nominations can be completed electronically or using a paper copy and sealed boxes will be available form for posting in the locations listed.

For Shortlisted Candidates:

  • Each shortlisted candidate will receive an invitation to the awards ceremony during the week commencing Monday 2nd October 2023.
  • Shortlisted candidates must confirm their attendance by completing the booking form on the invitation and returning the form no later than Friday 13th October 2023 and provide a 1-minutes video about them and acceptance of the nomination. This should be a landscape video recording with a clear and appropriate background and sent to
  • Once you have confirmed your attendance you will be required to send some information about yourself in no more than 200 words. In order to do a verbal presentation, please use the same criteria and share your video via WhatsApp to by Sunday 1st October 2023.
  • Nomination videos sent via email should have the subject title BHM Gala Award Nomination.
  • If you are unable to attend, please nominate someone to attend to collect your award.
  • There will be no cost applied for shortlisted candidates.
  • Nominations will be shortlisted by an independent panel of judges.
  • All winners will be invited to the stage to receive an award
  • An external panel of judges will decide on the winner

Conditions of entry

(Note: In order for your nomination to be accepted it is necessary to get permission of the nominee. Please remember to confirm consent by ticking the box on the nomination form) 
Media will be present during the event and may wish to interview nominees. In addition, photographs will be taken throughout the awards and will be used for press releases and other promotional material. You must declare at the event if you do not wish to be included in interviews or photographs

If you have any queries, please contact us:


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   Section 2

Which individual or organisation are you nominating?
Please do not provide confidential information about your nominee without their consent. Upon submission, CAHN shall have sole discretion in using the information you provide for the purpose of publicising the shortlisted candidates and winners of each CAHN Award. * By ticking the box and placing your name in the signature line you agree to the terms of release as stated above.